08/06/13 - Visiting Roseway's Birthplace

Visiting Roseway's Birthplace

Watch C: Jordan, Shawn, Elyse, Sarai, Jess, Yevhenni

After a night of dock watches, we woke up and went to the Maritime History Museum where we learned about lobster traps, fish sanctuary and the benefits of life from a sand bank. After that we went to the outdoor aquarium were we saw flounders, lobsters, crabs, horseshoe crabs, skates, and sea stars. Then we traveled to Essex where Roseway was built. We learned about wooden boat building, how to steam and bend wood, and that it is a dying art. Every Ambassador got to make a trunnel (or tree nail). After the educational section of the day we went and relaxed in the park. Overall, the day was exciting but tiring. Showers are missed, and everyone wants to know when we can jump in the ocean!