08/06/14 - Puffins!!


Watch A

We woke up and did 45 “I’m a stars”, raised the sails then had breakfast and headed for Easter Egg Rock. While floating just off the shore, we went puffin sighting and saw MANY puffins. A few flew just off our bow! After we saw the puffins we split back into our watch groups and wrote a Roseway song while John played his guitar. We kept on sailing until lunch which was a tuna wrap with coleslaw. After lunch we kept sailing with a storm right off our stern. We watched the clouds grow into shelf clouds, then put on all our rain gear. We had heavy wind and rain for a short while, which reminded some of home, and everyone waited out the rain safely on the benches. It passed after about 5 minutes when we continued sailing until dinner, which was prepared by the hands of a godly wizard. We look forward to another day of full sailing and another night of anchor watch.