08/06/14 - Hog Island

Hog Island

C Watch

This morning, we started our day slightly groggy from the previous day of hard work and our night of anchor watch,where we decoded each other's signal flags. After the morning "I'm A Star", which felt like a full work out, we ate like champs, feasting on beautiful pancakes. After morning chores we boated over to the main land of Hog Island to start a hardy day of work. We split into 2 groups- one group went to pick invasive Eurasian jewel weeds from a field of native plants including milkweed (which feed the bodacious monarch butterflies). The other group painted the outside of a house the color Nantucket red. The team met up after hours of work and helped shuttle plenty of lumber across to Hog Island. On the island, we built bridges from the lumber.These bridges were to go over the marshy grounds that filled the walking paths throughout the land. After the bridges were complete, one group showered while the other hiked through the trails of Hog Island. Thereafter, we switched and the second wave cleaned up. Next we shuttled back to our home, the Roseway, and indulged in heavenly, heartwarming soup made from the hands of a genius. Finally, we concluded our nightly chores and readied ourselves for a delicious night of rest.