08/05/11 - Watch X Reports from Martha's Vineyard

Watch X Reports from Martha's Vineyard

Watch X: Noah, Victor, Bryon, and Gillian

Today on one of the more unusual days on the ship, it was “freaky Friday.” After our daily routine of “Im-a-stars” we were informed that there would be switches in the watch teams. We were brought to the New Bedford Whaling Museum. We also got some history on the Ernestina, another grand banks schooner that was in New Bedford. During our time at the museum we explored many cook aspects such as whale skeletons, a whale ship, and a spectacular whaling movie. Later we participated in a New Bedford history tour led by a parks association volunteer. Then we set sail to Martha’s Vineyard. Every Ambassador got a chance to climb the rigging of Roseway. While docked we were given the privilege of jumping off the boat into the harbor. Hope to explore the mysteries of Martha’s Vineyard tomorrow.