08/05/13 - Summer Ambassadors Set Sail

Summer Ambassadors Set Sail

Watch B - Zach, Jessi, Wendy, Silas, Emily

After an early start at 6 am, we got some hands on, by raising the sails and steering the boat. We almost saw a whale, well, some of us saw a whale; those who were on the deck. We also learned about navigation today using a chart, not a map!! We are learning about the origin of the navigation in our book “Carry on Mr. Bowditch.” The crew is showing us the ropes, and that knots. These include the square knot, the clove hitch, bowline, and how to make them all “slippery.” We are happy to report that we are not going hungry because the food prepared for us is very delicious. Tomorrow we are exploring the fishing town of Gloucester. Fifty Nine miles down, who knows how many to go.