08/04/12 - Toasting the Summer Ambassador Program

Toasting the Summer Ambassador Program

Summer Ambassador 2012 has come to a close, our 14 Ambassadors have all returned home. Our travels between Boston, Halifax, Lunenburg and Shelburne were successful, our community on board thrived, a multitude of effective community projects were completed, and lots learned. The lasting impact on these individuals and their communities, only time will tell, but as of this moment this is what our Ambassadors had to say:

"I love sailing and the ocean, so this was awesome for me. On Roseway, I learned about community, ethics and sailing. I was really happy at how many times we went under full sail. The crew and my fellow ambassadors are great people and I really enjoyed working with them. I was surprised at how close and friendly the Roseway community is."

"This experience is amazing! I learned so much about sailing. The community service projects inspired me to do more at home and around the community, it was super fun!"

"I had a wonderful time! I learned so much! I know SO much more than when we began. The community service projects were amazing. It was a great variety, a nice mixture of work and fun and a great learning experience. If I could change anything it would be: enjoying it more while it lasted. I didn't realize it would go by so fast. I will definitely recommend this, teling them everything and how life changing it is. The most significant take away is learning to be grateful for what I have and using my ethics more because they are so important."

"I have never done anything life this before and I loved learning and experiencing life on a ship. I most enjoyed transit learning how to sail a schooner. I was most surprised by the number of friends I made."

"It was the best adventure I've ever had. It seemed like I learned 100 things every day and ethics made me think throughout the night.

"I would say that it was a great adventure where you help other people directly and that everyone should have an experience like it. "

"It was the highlight of my summer"

"This is an amazing program, everything was great. The good was great, I slept like a rock and the chores were fun. The community service projects were great and my favorite was getting to meet all those different people... the most surprising aspect was meeting all these great people and becoming friends so quickly."

"Overall it was an amazing experience. I learned quite a lot and was introduced to new and wonderful things and I really enjoyed being at sea."

"It was so much fun, I loved working with everyone."

"It was a completely new experience for me and I loved every minute of it! Everyone was nice and helpful!"

"It was the most fun I've ever had and I'll carry these memories for the rest of my life. The ethics classes were fantastic and the sailing studies were amazing too. The crew was extremely nice and helped me in every way possible. The community projects were extremely rewarding and lots of fun."

When asked the most significant take-away of lesson learned from this experience, this is what they reported:

"That all humans have the same ethics even through the separation of language, culture and religions."

"The ocean is a very, very big place."

"Exercising my ethics"

"All of our ethics lessons and all the navigation skills."


"Everything, everything, everything."

"Having all these friends"

"My reaction to the new social and physical situation I was thrust into as well as my experiences on the Roseway and throughout Canada."

"The learning and experience aboard Roseway."

"All the ethics"

"Working more at home and doing more community work."

"I learned a lesson of helping others and one of community and ethics. "

The entire Roseway crew is proud of a successful 2012 Summer Ambassador Program and after the boat was cleaned and returned to order we raised a glass in celebration to the following toast written by our most remarkable President, Abby.

This is a toast both wild and true

To the sturdy ship called Roseway

To the guys and the girls that form her crew

To the sweet dreams she'll convey

For many who grace these weathered decks

A life has yet begun

But through the days of moon and tide

This sea-life will be sung.

To Addy beneath her shepherding gaze

The quiet and thoughtful one

She treads the watch from dawn to dusk

Til all is rightly done

To Eden with ever a schedule and plan

Each hour set to a beat

Her strong and constant vigilance

Her nature, tough and sweet

To Darren, the Aussie from yonder shore

Who so far has not yet a failing

And ends even the most relentless day

With a smirk and an "I love sailing."

To Rodney the man-bear who lives with the kids

And fashions the sea to a school

By daytime he sells the wares of the ship

His demeanor ever so cool.

To Chris who intently scurries about

His tasks an endless endeavor

With the intel of all that is maritime

He will take to the sea forever

To Erin, the girl with the Canglish speak

And composure enough to share

She guides and helps her students on

Her crew mates she wraps in care.

To Matt the tireless engineer

All systems he commands

But through whose Boston verbiage

We never understand

To Eric bless his inquisitive soul

He's always at the ready

Where would we be when fate is struck

Without his calm and steady

To Patrick the stalwart shipwright aboard

You teach and work without measure

And then when all fantastically breaks

You fix with grace and with pleasure

To Nick, the master of galley domain

Where the hearts of shipmates are bound

You feed and grow us through rain and shine

And nary a fluster is found.

To Tom, the Captain of our fearless ship

A mariner of wisdom untold

Inspiring and guiding through storm and calm

With clever a wit to behold

So raise up your glasses to this merry toast

A praise to good souls, as they say

May God bless you all for your hard work aboard

And may God bless our dear Roseway.

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