08/04/14 - Puffins and Porpoises and Lobsters, Oh My

Puffins and Porpoises and Lobsters, Oh My

August 3: We started out our day just like any other, by doing 35 "I'm A Stars!"We raised sails, had breakfast, and did our chores before starting our morning activities. We read more of our novels, wrote in our journals, climbed the rigging, and saw seals and porpoises swimming. We wore harnesses and were belayed by our teammates of course....it was a blast! We dropped anchor near Bailey Island and rode into shore in the small tender boat. We played wiffle ball and walked to the Giant's Stairs- an outcropping of sedimentary rocks leading to the ocean. We ate deliciously fresh steamed lobsters for dinner at the family home of one of our crew mates. We picked blueberries and raspberries before heading back to the boat to turn in early in prep for our anchor watches. Good night all!

August 4: B Watch

We woke up to the sound of Will beeping like an alarm clock.

We raised the sails after we did 50 "I'm A Stars!" led by Captain Dwight, then had breakfast underway. For breakfast we had amazing French toast made by our AMAZING chef little John. What made the french toast even better was that we used home-made bread from the Rosemont Bakery in Portland, Maine. This morning we did a major boat cleanse. It lasted 2-3 hours but our boat was very happy with us when we finished. Then we had a great lunch of bacon burgers! We continued our day with rotations of seamanship, active watch, and reading and reflection where some of us climbed the rigging, learned about buoyancy, and navigated the ship. While in these rotations we saw Puffins and porpoises! Before dinner we went for a swim. Many people tried to catch a wiffle ball while jumping off the rail of our boat. We finished our day with an amazing dinner of chicken stir fry.