08/26/12 - Watch A Reports from Rockport

Watch A Reports from Rockport

A Watch: Hayden, Isabelle, Lily, Anteneh, Addy, Matt

This morning, we woke up to a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, and home fries. Then, we listened to the story composed by our anchor watch crews. We then raised the sails and the anchor and set out for Rockport. We had a discussion on ethics, and we raised our topsail for the first time on this voyage. We had a wonderful lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches , tomato soup ,oranges , and strangely large carrots . We also saw some whales after lunch, later identified by Isabelle as Minke whales. After that , we did boat checks , and also did bow watch. Then we learned a lot about knots , different parts of the boat and simple machines. We also practiced for the deckhand Olympics. We had a lot of fun.