08/28/12 - Tall Ship Summer Expedition Wraps Up

Tall Ship Summer Expedition Wraps Up

We made it back into the city and wrapped up our 2012 Tall Ship Expedition with 10-16 year olds from around the Boston area. While they didn't know each other as they gathered on the dock on Saturday, they walked off the ship today having formed a great crew. They sailed, climbed, swam, worked hard and had fun both in sunshine and in rain.

Here's what they had to say as they reflected on the expedition:

"I was on a whole new environment that I wouldn't ever in my life do, so I feel I got over my fear of water now in a way."

"[The crew] were one of the most incredible people I've met because everyday I would learn something new...they were just always there."

"I had the best 4 days of my life on a boat that let me challenge myself."

"It doesn't matter how scared you are, if you are given an opportunity of a lifetime, do it!"

"I had a wonderful time on the Roseway. I don't even want to leave it. When I grow up I want to work on this ship."

"Everything was amazing! the friendliness, the cleanliness, the food, everything. "

"It was awesome! The experience really made me feel like a sailor."

"I loved climbing the most, it was incredible. The view was absolutely stunning."

"It was my first sailing experience and I really enjoyed it."

"the best way to get something done is teamwork. Compassion, Respect, Honesty, Cooperation and Responsibility."

"Lots of fun! I learned lots of new stuff!"

"I loved the crew and would definitely want to do this again."

"I loved all of the crew and their funny jokes and amazing support."

"I found this trip amazing! I learned many new things while having fun at the same time."

"Ethics and teamwork are important in a small community."

A gallery of photos from this trip will be updated soon and we look forward to welcoming another great group of Boston kids for next year's Tall Ship Expedition.