08/28/14 - Seamanship and Whales

Seamanship and Whales

Watch B

Waking up early was a struggle, but then we woke up the rest of the crew thanks to Ike’s interesting sound effects. We raised the flags and then started the day off with 55 I’m A Stars and a talk about Leadership. Then we led the crew in raising sails, raising the anchor, and coiling. Then we took over on active watch with bow watch and boat checks. Everyone one else started eating breakfast, but we continued on with boat checks and bow watch until they relieved us and we could eat. We learned about conservation, whales, buoyancy, and raced tying knots during Seamanship. During reading and reflection we had a discussion with Greg about what we were most proud of, what we regret most, and what we could do better for the last 18 hours. We saw whales and a sunfish. We finished up strong and we are ready to meet our goals for tomorrow!