08/28/14 - Kissed by the Sea

Kissed by the Sea

Watch A: Chazz, Paige, Ronie, Alex, Luz, Analice

Today we were the first to wake up to a beautiful sunrise. As we optimistically woke up, we wiped the crust out of our eyes and welcomed the sun. We were on active watch so some of us were doing boat checks and others raised the flags. The anchor chain got jammed as we were trying to haul it up and we had to pull it out with the rope all together as one to bring it up. Alex and John flaked the chain as it was being hauled up. We set sails and after had an amazing breakfast (aka the bacon). As we set sail the ocean got really rough and water splashed over the boat and gave us kisses. We got drenched as we learned about waves and weather patterns. After we anchored in province town we all hesitantly got into the ocean where there was a strong current. After that we had taco Wednesday and it was delicious as almost all of us went up for seconds. Towards the middle of our chores another sailboat came towards us and shot blanks from their mini cannon, which scared us at first. Once we knew it was meant as a greeting, we shot back as a salute. As we end the day we will read our madlibs from our last nights watch. And now we are reading our log and head to sleep!!