08/27/12 - Watch C Reports From Gloucester

Watch C Reports From Gloucester

Watch C: Philip, Ashley, and Harley

Today we lifted the sails and they weighed all together 4000 pounds. Also, today we climbed the rigging which is pretty high up on the boat because it has to hold the sails up. The top is about 103 feet tall. After we got to the top we yelled “I’m a star!” We all felt very proud of our self. Then, we went out on the bow sprit. You could feel the waves from the ocean vibrating through your body. As the boat kept bobbing up and down all you could see other than a small speck of land was the horizon. It was a beautiful day to sail, the sun was shining and we saw several humpback whales on bow watch including 3 whales breeching on the horizon. Then, when we were driving the boat we saw a tuna fish. The captain even let us steer the boat. Right before lunch we made baggy wrinkles. It was hard at first because of the wind but as we got used to it became easier and easier. After we anchored in Gloucester we went swimming off of the boat and we all had lots of fun. Today was a great day over all of what we have done. This trip is good and getting better by every minute that passes by. Hope to be home soon we all miss our families.