08/26/13 - Sending All Our Peace and Love

Sending All Our Peace and Love

Watch A: Tamar, Hashem, Rawia, Farshad, & Sophie

We woke up this final morning abroad schooner Roseway to the possibility of rain. We were up at 7:30 sharp, or okay more like 7:45 sharp after a couple friendly reminders that waking up and getting out of our bunks are two separate things. This morning was the first that we as Seas of Peace used our own hands without the help of the crew of Roseway, to raise the sails and set off. We are sure that we as Seas of Peace will never forget the aggressive, powerful, and out of breath calls of “heave, ho”, “heave, ho”, screamed with the passion of a thousand sailors.

After breakfast and morning chores, we broke off into our watches and began practicing for the afternoon ‘Deckhand Olympics’‘. As the clouds broke away to a sunny, abet windy, afternoon, The Deckhand Olympics began. Each Watch was impressive. Each member of both Seeds and the crew gave it their all this week in a variety of ways. There were songs, coils, knots, and boat pins & trivia. And by the end, we found Watch A would just like to say that we are proud to have been a part of it all, both today, and this entire two weeks.

We finished the day with a delicious dinner made by the glorious Della, as we reflected as an entire boat all of our final thoughts and feelings. ``

Sending all our peace and love.