08/26/14 - Camp Harbor View Leaders-in-Training Expedition

Camp Harbor View Leaders-in-Training Expedition

Watch C: Jalen, Bo, Tyra, Richard, Subrenia, Alison, Eric& Khanh

The second day of our boat trip started with a beautiful sunrise and yummy breakfast without Richard’s redbull and Subrenia’s snacks. However, before we could eat we had to raise the sails and pull up the anchor! Even with the beautiful sunrise, today was much cooler than yesterday. Many of us broke out our winter coats and hats. Our morning chore was to complete a deck wash and then we broke into our watch rotations. First we had seamanship where we began to learn all of the pins and we reviewed our knots from yesterday. Then we were on active watch where Richard and Bohitta got to steer for the first time. We stopped for lunch and had PHENOMENAL chicken. In the afternoon we skooched out onto the bow sprite and hurt our butts. Once we were out there we got to enjoy the beautiful view from a new perspective. And, we spotted the first whale!! Greg also took many pictures of us. After that we had a life changing experience. We saw many whales. We got to pause our rotations to all watch the whales up close. There were two other boats whale watching as well. This was the first time any of us saw a whale outside of an aquarium. We identified humpback whales and mickey whales. Dinner was mac and cheese, salad, meat balls and banana bread, which Jalen got to introduce to everyone. We then did the dishes and are now writing this log. We are all looking forward to climbing up the mast later this week. We are pretty tired now and looking forward to bed.