08/25/12 - Tall Ships Expedition Reports From Nahant

Tall Ships Expedition Reports From Nahant

Watch B: Natalia, Ariana, Meghan, Zach

When we first came here we got a tour around the boat. Then we did I’m-a-stars. Also we learned how to make knots and learned how to do 8 knot. We learned how to navigate the ship, and how to locate the ship on a map. We did boat checks and checked the clouds, speed, wind speed, and much more. We made a lot of friends and had tons of fun. All of us took turns making sure everything was working perfectly. We checked the engine room, the main saloon, the main deck, and the bow! We also raised 4,000 pounds of sails and navigated Roseway to Nahant! That was an accomplishment for all of us. We all think that all of our team work and communication helped us raise those 4,000 pounds! After that we ate amazing food that we are so grateful for. We are excited to maybe see whales and perhaps go swimming.