08/25/13 - Swimming, Singing, and Climbing the Rig

Swimming, Singing, and Climbing the Rig

Watch C: David, Bassel, Jonathan, Erica, Tamara, Osama

Today started off with a special treat—a freezing cold swim shower that shivered our timbers. Following the boy’s swim was a boy muster, where the Captain delivered what will forever be known as the famous “Head Speech”. Crew members and students alike agree that the “Head Speech” has joined the ranks amongst the world’s greatest speeches, as Captain Dwight gave Churchill and Lincoln a run for their money. Afterwards, we prepared for the deckhand Olympics, tying knots, chasing pins, and preemptively asking lines to be our Balentines. We got a taste of the life of old time sailors as everyone on board got to climb the ship’s rig. Fortunately, Tim was there to block the sun, and Will was there to capture the moment. Finally, we wrote and practiced the song that we will sing for the deckhand Olympics. The romantic Osama however practiced all day, as everyone on deck could hear him serenading his future wife. C Watch, headed by our brilliantly beautiful amazingly talented brave-as-the-seas-herself Tamara, today was a great success. Ready for tomorrow and our last 36 hours aboard this gorgeous vessel. Peace out!