08/24/13 - Stellwagon Bank Reveals the Second Largest Mammal on Earth

Stellwagon Bank Reveals the Second Largest Mammal on Earth

By: Rebex, Yonilay, Chai, AbulBete, ‘Smeen, and Amz; Watch B: Rebecca, Yoni, Shai, Peter, Yasmeen, Ahmad

Reporting live from inside the Fish. Today we were woken up KINDLY by the crew (no singing or screaming). We began the morning in Seamanship, although the majority of our watch was busy staring at the horizon due to seasickness. During Seamanship, some of us went up to the bowsprit and observed a fin back whale 10 feet away. After waking up the rest of the watch, we were all captivated by the second largest mammal on earth (Tim is the largest). Our afternoon was filled with whale watching, dialogue, and active watch. Today we had two lovely JWO’s, Shai and Yoni. Some say they are even more fearless than the mighty Hashem. The day ended as we sailed into Manchester Bay and enjoyed veggie burgers and chocolate cake. Props to Will who managed to break the world record for potato salad eating, David who broke the world record for the corniest jokes, and Monica who captured us with her dazzling smile. PS we imprisoned a comb jellyfish.