08/23/13 - Sailing, Sharing, Learning, and Whale-spotting

Sailing, Sharing, Learning, and Whale-spotting

WATCH A: Hashem, Farshad, Tamar, Rawia, Sophie

We began our fourth day aboard Roseway with a rousing rendition of “I’m a star”, which was surprising, and delightful! After teeth brushing and breakfast eating, we did our morning chores and broke into our watches to begin our day. We hoisted the sails and took off for the high seas and a day devoted to perhaps seeing some whales. Hashem was our J.W.O. today, and he was fantastic. He helped each watch member to accomplish their task and consistently reminded each crew member of the Roseway to put on sunscreen and drink water.

We learned about whales during seamanship, before lunch, and about halfway through we were quite rudely interrupted by actual whale sightings. After lunch, we technically had Journaling & Reflection, but were afforded the opportunity to be asked questions by the crew members of our watch about our dialogue sessions in general, from this past week of camp, and overall questions about our opinions and the facts we knew of the conflict. As the day drew to a close, we anchored in the beautiful harbor of Gloucester. We worked together to lower the sails, and watched as Hashem, our fearless J.W.O., risked life and limb to furl the jib. As the sun set, dinner, cooked by the stupendous and inspiring Della, was served.

We cannot wait for tomorrow.

Until next time, Watch A sends its love.