08/22/13 - Strongs Winds, Stormy Skies, and Whales

Strongs Winds, Stormy Skies, and Whales

Watch C: Jonathan, Tamara, Bassel, Erica, Osama, Shai

Though morning feels so long ago, the Roseway crew and future sailors woke this morning with a splash as swimming time gave us the salty water cleanliness we all desired as we had our first sea bath. As we headed underway, the day took a different turn than those of the past two. Sailing for real today, gusty conditions helped progress the Roseway. The schooner handled boat speeds of 10 knots and stormy skies like the champion she is. In addition, the crew and campers were excited to catch a few glimpses of a whale. Other excitements today include the reinstatement of Junior Watch Officers, or JWOs. Heading C Watch’s JWO post was the mighty Osama, who described his job as a large yet exciting responsibility. He hopes that tonight he was able to imitate what he has learned from our crew members in the past two days—and post-evening chores, C Watch agrees that he handled his duties perfectly. After today, we feel ready for tomorrow!