08/22/11 - Reporting in from George's Island

Reporting in from George's Island

This morning, we took off immediately after being awoken and while flying at 9.7 knots we quickly surpassed our fellow vessels. We were the first of three schooners to spot a whale to to an observant student on bow watch. Upon spying the glorious creature we tacked and followed it until we were parallel to its body about 10 feet from us. Being trendsetters we helped lead the other boats to the whale. We soon identified the whale as a humpback and during our weather lesson our teacher Matt jumped up and excitedly yelled, "WHALE." We all rushed to the starboard side and caught a quick glimpse of the large ocean dweller. It soon disappeared and ceased to return although we had gybed to get back to it. In preparation for the pin chase that will happen tomorrow, students were seen scurrying around on deck identifying lines and tying knots. Approaching our final destination for the day, we were able to admire the mesmerizing skyline of Boston. Four brave students risking their precious lives, climbed onto the bowsprit and furled the job. Once all our sails were properly furled we lowered our anchor and settled down for the night just off George's island.