08/22/11 - Green Farms Academy Says Goodbye to Roseway

Green Farms Academy Says Goodbye to Roseway

Fifteen incredible Green Farms Academy students sailed into Boston today stepping foot on land for the first time in five days and saying goodbye to the Roseway crew with hugs and even a few tears as they walked off the dock. It was an impressive five days of sailing using the engine only on very limited occasions like in the Cape Cod Canal. From very slow nearly windless days to racing along at nearly 10 knots the students sailed the ship and participated alongside the crew day and night. "A great tone was set and students worked hard yet loved each portion of the program and all the activities," said Tracy Haswell, GFA Science department chair and chaperone aboard. "Students learned an amazing amount and were challenged. Students that were not risk takers were inspired to take risks. I thought the program was fabulous, the Education Director, Captain and crew worked together and inspired each student."

The students also had so much to say about this experience, some of which are included here:

"I LOVED the atmosphere of the ship. I really got to know the crew (who were amazing!!!) and I felt like we were really part of a community. Surprisingly, to, I really liked working hard and even cleaning! I learned a ton more than I expected to...we really got to learn a wide spectrum of things."

"I loved being on watch and learning about how to sail the Roseway and keep it running smoothly. We didn't get off the schooner for the whole five day trip which I think was fantastic, it was a really sailing voyage. It felt great to be involved in the upkeep of our temporary home, and we even steered at night."

"I enjoyed life on the ship very much. It felt good being away from technology and spending more time with people or reading."

"I had an amazing time. This was my favorite school trip that I have taken, I honestly enjoyed every minute of it!"

"It showed me how much I am really capable of!"

"This was the best trip ever. The crew was the best and the activities were the most fun I've had since the beginning of time. I have no regrets...."

"I did not expect to learn nearly as much as I did on board."

"This program allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and try new stuff."

"Everything was awesome! I don't think I'm much of a sailor and will do more of this, but thank you for an amazing experience!"