08/21/11 - Watch B Reports from Provincetown

Watch B Reports from Provincetown

At 0000 we were awoken by our preceding watch for our four hour night watch. After lathering on our layers we spent an interesting four hours aiding the Captain in a smooth night's sailing. Despite the droop in our eyes we were able to steer clear of all obstacles. Brandon the chef made us some delicious brownies to eat while sipping of toasty hot cocoa which definitely help keep us awake! It was such a relief to be relieved by C watch at 4am. After another couple hours of sleep we enjoyed cinnamon-nutty pancakes and fresh pineapple. Here are some of the highlights of our day. While some of us passed time in our bunks recovering from watch, some of us perfected our turks heads and other knot work. Luckily we had the opportunity to swim to clean off our molding bodies and roting hair. Although the jellyfish infested water was cold if felt great after a long days work. Soon after our dip, the benevolent lord Posiedon blessed us with favorable gusts to aid our journey onward. Later in the afternoon we had the opportunity to learn the history of our wonderful floating home. The Roseway was originally a swordfishing boat and later a harbor patrol vessel. After our lesson we wrote reflections about the history of our ship and how it effects us even now. During our afternoon bow watch we all become bow sprit certified!! After being relieved we b-watchers harnessed up and clambered onto the bowsprit (the long projecting pole at the bow of a schooner). We spent an hour and a half chatting over the headrig. B watch was officially the 1st watch to be certified . Awesome. Isn't it cool to think that we did all that before a delicious dinner of steak and mashed potatoes?