08/21/13 - Provincetown Bound

Provincetown Bound

Watch B: Peter, Yoni, Ahmad, Yasmeen, Rebecca

After being woken up in the middle of the night, with cookies, we checked the boat. We had to make sure the anchor didn’t move and that the weather didn’t worsen. We were woken by a shanty that some were not quite fond of. A delicious breakfast prepared us to hoist all the sails and start our trip to Provincetown. The trip was exhausting, lengthy, and fun. We learned about navigation, and how to find our location on a chart. We learned how to tie various knots for use around the ship. We even tied some knots with our eyes closed as practice for the deckhand Olympics. We stood on bow watch and took the helm during active watch. At the helm we were able to have great conversations with our captain. The evening ended at the anchor, where Della never ceases to amaze us with her delicious dinner. We are anxiously awaiting dialogue, and then tomorrow we can’t wait to proceed with our journey and hoist our sails again. We hope to go swimming tomorrow as well. Our ships log concludes with the sound of the hose spraying all over the deck.