08/20/11 - Watch A Reports from the Cape Cod Canal

Watch A Reports from the Cape Cod Canal

Yo-ho, Yo-ho, a priate's life for me! This morning we maties walked the plank onto a new day. We woke up at 0600 and hoisted up the sails. Together, as one, we were a heevin' and a ho'ing like the true "stars" we are. Our grub consisted of eggs (cooked to perfection), hashbrowns (not coconut shreddings), and sausage (too bad it wasn't bacon, wink). After our delicious meal we mustered together as A watch and swabbed some lovely soles and bowls. "You guys did an awesome job on soles and bowls today" - said watch leader Audrey White. Afterwards our beautiful A watch squad layed out on the bow sprit and took in our comely surroundings. Before eating lunch yet another delicious meal, we tied some pretty cool knots with Scott and learned about navigation. Did you know that a tongue of a Blue Whale is 13 feet long? We didn't until Alyson taught us all about whales. Overall, this day was all about learning. We are off to stand watch until midnight with hot cocoa and brownies to keep us going.

We are currently in the canal.