08/20/13 - Seas of Peace Sets Sail

Seas of Peace Sets Sail

WATCH A: Hashem, Farshad, Tamar, Rawia, Sophie

After an exhausting three hour car ride from the wilderness of northern Maine, we were so excited to reach the harbor of the beautiful city of Boston, Massachusetts. We unloaded our gear, each got a name-tag, and met the crew of the Roseway. We got a tour of the boat, were assigned our watches, and learned our responsibilities as part of the Roseway crew for the next seven days.

As we broke away from the dock, we immediately separated into our watches and learned specifically what we would be doing all week. A couple of these positions were “Bow Watch ” and “Boat Check”. We learned how to check for the direction of the wind and the boat, the size of the breeze, the importance of cloud positioning. As we made our way around the boat, learned names, and got to know each other and our place here, we began to form the environment and relationships we had developed on land over the past week.

We closed the night with a meal cooked lovingly by the marvelous Della; an eggplant lasagna, cheese biscuits, a salad, and baklava. We are writing this now, looking out at the Boston city skyline. There is a gorgeous full moon above us and kind voices of new and old friends all around. WATCH A cannot wait to set sail tomorrow morning.