08/02/11 - Watch A Reports from Block Island

Watch A Reports from Block Island

Watch A: Gillian, Dana, Bryon, Kane

During a long, yet fun, night of anchor watch, we wrote our wild and zany mad-libs story while we were keeping watch over the boat. While on our way to Block Island in the morning there were massive swells that made the boat heel over. Some of the ambassadors became seasick. After about about two hours of going back and forth a miracle was performed. We entered the Great Salt Pond on Block Island. There the water was calm and almost instantly everyone felt better. Then, we ferried from our anchored boat to the island. On the island we were met by Hank, who is a friend of the captain's who took us around and taught us how to find bait and catch fish using the bait. We also learned about the local ecology of this island. One of the crew caught a 28-inch striper and then let it go back into the water. We also spotted crabs. We all had fun swimming in the salt water. May more adventures come our way.