08/02/10 - Duluth Gets Entertained Roseway-style

Duluth Gets Entertained Roseway-style

Two days ago the crew of Roseway said their goodbyes to the Summer Ambassador students who have been part of our life at sea for the last two weeks, sailing from Bay City, Michigan to Duluth, MN. The program was full of fun and learning for both the crew and students and it was a sad moment when they headed for home.

But Duluth has left no time for mourning. With three sails a day for four days and a few private charters at night (including a wedding on Saturday night), the crew is entertaining Duluth Roseway-style! And the crowds are loving it. Tucked here at the end of Lake Superior, these folks don't get a lot of tall ships. This might be the biggest, warmest, welcome we've gotten anywhere!

By Wednesday, Roseway heads back out across Superior for Lake Michigan--destination: Green Bay, WI. Stay tuned.