08/02/14 - Bow Watch Further into Maine

Bow Watch Further into Maine

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Today we set sail from the wonderful city of Portland and began our two day journey to our next destination. We began our day with 40 “Im A Stars” and an amazing breakfast of blueberry pancakes. We then hoisted the sails and navigated through the minefields of lobster traps very slowly but surely. We then continued the novel we are reading, called Carry On Mr. Bowditch, but that was no thrill to the feat that was too follow. After reading and being on active watch where we took turns on the helm and signaling obstacles to the captain. Then we had a nice lunch of quesedillas and went out on the bowsprit! We then did some navigation to find our position on a chart. Afterwards we played nautical hangman. Then we dropped anchor and some of us began to swim in the “warm” water while others stayed nice a dry. After the swim we played two fun games and then we gorged ourselves with pizza made by our lovely chef John. We are all looking ahead to fun activities tomorrow and a lobster bake!!!