08/18/11 - Ocean Classroom and World Ocean School Team Up for 5-Day Program

Ocean Classroom and World Ocean School Team Up for 5-Day Program

World Ocean School and Ocean Classroom Foundation have teamed up to provide a five-day trip for 10th-grade students from the Green Farms Academy in Connecticut. The Spirit of Massachusetts, Harvey Gamage, and Roseway are sailing in tandem. The following is report from Watch C aboard Roseway:

When we first arrived we were mustered on the dock. After being separated into our 3 schooners, we were introduced more formally to our Roseway crew-mates. Without skipping a beat we had to learn the names of all the components of our new temporary home. Surprised by the difficulty of setting the sails (a literal ton!) as a large group of strong teens, with was shocking for us to comprehend the fact that only the crew-mates has lifted that just the day before. After leaving the dock, we quickly learned how to coil the halyard in two ways, working and Ballentine which was rather straining to our young backs. During our relatively brief tour of the ship we learned what the Captain job entailed, along with that of the bow watch. Learning how to work at bow watch we were introduced to the sign language of sailing. What felt like shortly after lifting the sails we learned yet another new thing which was how to furl the sails. Sadly our first attempt was a poor one and we were in need to redoing it. Thankfully our efforts were greatly rewarded with our delicious dinner consisting of pesto pasta, tomatoes, chicken and homemade bread (the best type of bread besides hardtack). We are anxiously (in the good way) awaiting the activities that lie ahead over the next few days. We also learned safety and survival and donned immersion suits, now we're getting ready for anchor watch and situating our bunks.