08/16/13 - Deckhand Olympics and Closing Ceremonies

Deckhand Olympics and Closing Ceremonies

Watch A: Jessica, Myah, Jarod, Aly & Tresvonni

It feels just like yesterday we were all introducing ourselves and now we're about to leave tomorrow morning. We woke up to a cry of “All hands on deck.” We rushed to the halyards to raise the sails. Today we raised more sail than usual which caused it to be heavier and take longer. Most of us were still sleeping as we pulled but we managed to do it. Once we were underway we had Della’s delicious breakfast and did out morning clean up, making sure to clean a little more but usual. We went through our daily rotations and were interrupted by a shark and several whale flukes. Shortly after out Deck Hand Olympics began. Our completive sides were all unleashed and we were on FIRE, but we made sure not to burn down the boat. We started off with coil races, knot tying and pin relay. The winner is yet to be determined. We all did amazing, though. We reached Boston Harbor, lowered the sails and watched the sun set. Our tummies are full and we are ready for the closing ceremonies. We are sad that tomorrow we end our adventurous and memorable journey but will carry it with us forever.