08/15/13 - Sailing South with Dolphins and Whales

Sailing South with Dolphins and Whales

Watch C: Jordan, Yevhenii, Elise, Shawn, Sarai & Jess

Today, after a fantastic sunrise, we started our day by setting sail for home. We left Hog Island after breakfast. Our watch group started the day with R&R (reading and reflection) for two hours. The journal entry today was to tell our feelings about leaving land for the last time on this voyage and about whether we were happy or sad for the trip to end. Even in the beginning of the morning, a strong wind was blowing. It brought a chill over the crew. As we were sailing, we were very fortunate to see a pod of about 60 Atlantic White-Sided Dolphins. After the dolphin sighting, we passed Eastern Egg Island and were able to see a few more puffins. Other animals we saw today include a Minki Whale and a Mula Mula. When we were having a lesson on marine ecology, sea spray attacked us, chilling us even further. We practiced for the Deckhand Olympics today and everyone excelled in at least one portion. Shawn enjoyed flaking the anchor chain again today. Sarai says “Today was an exciting adventure for me and I had an awesome day.” She was allowed the opportunity to call the whale to the boat. Some opinions were that she was scaring it away. Jess claims that she liked it though. Jordan was glad that he brought protection against wind because it came in very handy today. Yevhenii was glad to have seen many dolphins. Everyone is disappointed that tomorrow is the last full day of our journey together.