08/13/13 - Puffin Watching and Sailing in the Fog

Puffin Watching and Sailing in the Fog

By Myah, Aly, Tresvonni, Jessica & Jarod

Hey there! Today we woke up to mass confusion and a lovely British accent accompanied by a bell. See what happened was... we never were awoken for anchor watch. Surprise! Many of us woke up thinking we had missed our watch. However our lovely crew members thought it was best to let us sleep the whole night. Surprise! After our interesting wake up, we prepared for special guests. Today we had about 40 Puffineers celebrating the fortieth anniversary of translocation of Puffins from Canada to Eastern Egg Rock. They were ecstatic to see some Puffins. We set sail, in a thick fog, towards Eastern Egg Rock, where we saw several Puffins, to everyone’s surprise. Apparently the Puffins should have already left. After an exciting Puffin watch, we returned to our anchor spot. We ate lunch and were taken to Hog Island in super-fast boats. All the crew members hilariously were piled on to the smallest boat of the three. After hiking up to our destination on Hog Island we built bridges where it was hard to walk on due to mud. We took our last shower of the trip and came back to the Roseway. We ate dinner celebrating our Capitan-in-training’s birthday. Happy Birthday Chris!