08/12/11 - Today's Roseway Crew - Tomorrow's Young Leaders

Today's Roseway Crew - Tomorrow's Young Leaders

Twenty-three of Boston's Young Leaders (aged 12-14) from various neighborhoods around Boston participated together in a 2 day program raising sails, handling lines, climbing the rig, learning navigation and the history of their fine city from a maritime perspective aboard Roseway. As a part of their varied experience this summer learning about what it takes to become leaders, they focused on the importance of communication, teamwork, and trust during their short time on board . Most of these students hadn't been on a boat before and were appreciative of the opportunity to grow by overcoming challenges from the hauling of the sails, to the endless coiling of lines, facing their fears climbing the rig or even just working together with students from other neighborhoods. While there wasn't much wind today (besides the airplanes flying overhead), yesterday provided some solid Boston Harbor sailing and a very new experience for these young leaders.