08/12/13 - Off to Hog Island with Whales

Off to Hog Island with Whales

By Sarai, Shawn, Jordan, Yevhenii, Jess, Elise

Yesterday we had a traditional Maine breakfast of blueberry pancakes and muffins and bacon. We left Cow Island and set sail for Harpswell Harbor. In Harpswell we were greeted by the friendly owners of the Sea Escape Cottages who welcomed us to their home for the day. There were REAL SHOWERS! But to earn the showers we were tested by a series of vigorous relay races including leap frog, wheelbarrow, crab walk, and the three legged race.

We were treated to another Maine classic meal, lobstah suppah, paired with corn and clams. Some of the more adventurous crew members even tried the lobster’s eyeballs. Shawn claims they are like grapes, we’ll let you decide for your own. After supper we ate s’mores by the fire. It was a treat indeed.

Back on Roseway we saluted our hosts with two blasts from our cannon. They will not soon forget who came to visit Harpswell Harbor.

Today: WHALES! On bow watch Jordon spotted a whale off the starboard bow. Our watch officer Kelly got to see her first whale, a pilot whale that surfaced within fifty feet of the boat. An excellent day for wildlife, we not only saw whales but also the elusive puffin, which C Watch viewed from the best seat in the house, the bowsprit. The bowsprit was a breathtaking moment of fun. A bald eagle appeared after dinner as well.

This evening we are anchored off Hogs Island, which contains some of the oldest hardwood forests in America. Elise was proud to finish our nautical book club book, Jess drank a lot of water, Sarai had an adventurous sailing day, and Zhenya had a relaxing day in the sun.