08/10/13 - Community Service in Portland and Cow Island

Community Service in Portland and Cow Island

By Tresvonni, Jessica, Elise

Sorry for not writing last night’s ship log. We had an extremely long day yesterday. We were woken up by our amazing crew members who imitated a rain storm. We really did not need the crew members to imitate a rain storm. Mother Nature provided us with one. All. Day. Long. We then walked over to a Community Garden, which provides food to people who need it. We pulled out weeds and got our hands dirty! We then walked over to the Prebble Street Soup Kitchen, which serves over a thousand meals a day. We prepared, served, and cleaned. Later, we caught the bus and went to Strive. Strive is an organization that helps developmentally disabled "tweens" and young adults. Strive gives them a social environment to interact with others. We had an amazing dance party, awesome games, and got our faces painted. We then walked to the Planetarium, where half of us fell asleep from exhaustion. After a long day our smelly bunks were extremely inviting. The next morning the crew members let us sleep in while they set sail towards Cow Island. There we met members from the organization Ripple Effect. We enjoyed a full morning of moving rocks and shells onto trails that would otherwise be muddy. After, we enjoyed playing team building activities which included the Egyptian Dead Goat Head Ball and the Timberline Crossing, we got a tour of the island, which included a tour through a dark air ventilation system through an old fort. We then piled onto our lovely small boats, and enjoyed a wet ride back to Roseway. We cannot wait for tomorrow’s adventure.