08/01/11 - Watch C Reports on New London

Watch C Reports on New London

Watch C: Brock, Dena, Natasha, and Victor

Today we sailed from Mystic, CT and we stopped in New London to visit the Coast Guard Academy. We anchored off the campus and took the small boats in to shore. At the Academy the “swabs” (incoming freshman) were doing “swab summer” where they train for their freshman year. We learned all about the responsibilities of the Coast Guard: drug interception, polar ice breakers, and search and rescue. Their mascot is a bear. That is really ironic because bears don’t live in the water, so you’d think it would be a fish. At one point they actually had 37 live bears on campus and the students had to care for them, including walking them. Now we are anchored in Groton, CT where we are eating dinner and watching part I of “Captain’s Courageous.”