08/01/12 - 2012 Ambassador's Last Log Entry

2012 Ambassador's Last Log Entry

Watch A: Aidan, Shawn, Keira, and Sam

This morning we were woken up to a loud happy birthday to Shawn to wake us up. After a loud awakening we were told to instantaneously don our swim gear and jump strait into the bay for a refreshing early morning swim. After our refreshing swim we had an excellent breakfast of muffins. Then the deck hand Olympics began. It was a furious battle between the three watches began. It began with and intense race of coiling and balentining. After the final tally we dove strait into knots and the battle commenced. And then an excellent test of the knowledge of our pins and lines upon the Roseway. Then after a quick break for lunch we headed to the shore heads and started some marlin spike seamen ship. And then the rain started. We all huddled under the awning and waited for the rain to subside. After the rain semi subsided we all headed to the main salon for our last ethics class. After a short time of starting to pack our bags we all headed back up on deck for a special pizza dinner for Shawn's birthday. After all our evening chores we now sit here waiting for the ending evening ceremony. Tomorrow we go home so this will be the last ship's log for the summer ambassadors of 2012.

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