04/21/11 - Turtle Man Aboard

Turtle Man Aboard

It is wind-less and hot here in St. Croix which means the sailing has much to be desired. But while we groan about the lack of wind, there is at least one guy on the island who likes it. Kemit, or the turtle-man as he is affectionately known, likes the quiet days because you can see turtles everywhere. The water is crystal clear and there are no waves so the visibility from Roseway's deck is amazing.

Today Kemit joined 30 college students from the University of the Virgin Islands as we headed out for a morning sail (in the broadest sense of the term). He explained about all the local species of turtles as we headed out towards Buck Island, spotting several as we went. The students had a great time. Even with no wind, spending a Thursday out of the classroom on the bright Caribbean sea is a pretty good deal, and if you spot a Leatherback along the way, that's even better.

We think the wind is gone for this season which means it's time to head north in a few short weeks. In the meantime, we'll keep an eye out for turtles.