04/18/10 - 8th Grade Offshore Expedition to St. John

8th Grade Offshore Expedition to St. John

Yesterday twelve 8th-grade students from three of St. Croix's public junior-high schools set off from Gallows Bay headed for St. John. Covering 33 miles with 15-20 knots wind with seas 5-8 feet, this intrepid crew reached St. John (soaked from waves crashing on deck!) by early evening, setting anchor in Maho Bay. After a swim in the chilly night air (78 degrees) we enjoyed a BBQ on deck before hitting our racks.

Little sleep was had due to the excitement of this new environment of sleeping at sea, not to mention the all night anchor watch in which all students were involved. But thanks to cook Jess's yummy rice krispy bars and the stellar work of our crew members, the watches were a success and the boat stayed put all night.

This morning after a big breakfast and a visit to the beach, it was time to set sail for home. Between lessons in navigation, community values, knots, bow-sprit adventure, and boat checks there was still time for some lazing about on deck enjoying the wind and the salt sea spray.

We reached home by the end of the day and said our goodbyes, grateful for a rewarding and fun adventure filled with big waves, big lessons, and big fun!

Thanks Hovensa, for sponsoring all twelve students to participate in the 8th Grade Offshore Expedition aboard Roseway.