04/12/11 - Roseway Rain Day

Roseway Rain Day

It's a rare thing to have a full-on rainy day here in St. Croix but today was it. Sadly that meant that we had to send our 25 seventh-graders back to school in the morning even though they showed up ready to take to the seas. As the driving rain pounded the dock in great sheets of water, Roseway's crew went about taking care of projects on board (after a pretty great snack-break of Brandon's home-made muffins right out of the oven).

After lunch the weather had cleared to a hot still calm but the skies (and the radar) were still threatening dark heavy rain so we canceled our 6th grade program as well. In order to buoy morale (which drops drastically when we have to cancel programs with kids) and keep the crew energized, the Captain dropped lines and headed out to sea for an afternoon of drills. It was a choppy day out there which made for good challenges in our man-overboard drill. We also carried out fire drills and emergency anchoring.

While we were sad not to have kids on board, it turns out our rain day was actually pretty productive.