04/12/14 - A Full Week with St. Thomas Students

A Full Week with St. Thomas Students

This past week, the Roseway crew had the opportunity to work with 250 St Thomas students from grades 7-12. With the generous support of Senator Malone, Sub Base Dry Dock and Yacht Haven Grande, the students learned about life onboard, as well as the physics of lift, navigation and trade routes. Students were also exposed to the vast maritime career opportunities that are right in their backyard in the harbor.

Senator Malone stated, " It is my hope that our children will be inspired by this trip. It is a small step toward cultivating greater homegrown prosperity as these are truly growth industries both here and around the world. I want our students to be leaders in these fields, but first they must be encouraged. Not enough of our young people are exposed to all that the marine industry has to offer and it has been my mission to change that through these kinds of programs."

The Roseway crew loved working with these students, as well as the almost daily visits from Senator Malone who came down to the dock to greet the crew and students. They are also very proud that they were able to do their part in helping Senator Malone's mission by exposing local students to opportunities on the water.