A Petting Zoo Aboard a Tall Ship?: The Community School of Mount Desert Island

A Petting Zoo Aboard a Tall Ship?: The Community School of Mount Desert Island

Bar Harbor, ME

Friday, October 1, 2021  

This afternoon we welcomed aboard a small but mighty group of students from another brand-new educational partner: the Community School of Mount Desert Island!

After wrapping up our morning program with students from College of the Atlantic, our deckhand educators moved quickly to prepare for 9 new (temporary) crew members: our CSMDI students! Ms. Larsen, our third mate, led an opening circle—complete with an energizing "I'm A Star!" activity to get students warmed up and ready to go.

Alongside our crew members, the middle schoolers threw themselves into getting Roseway underway. Despite their small numbers, they contributed some serious muscle to the task of raising all four of her sails.

In addition to teaching seamanship skills, our crew reminded students to consider the marine environment that is all around us when we're sailing. Students participated in lessons on striking and setting the jib and calculating their position on the chart using a three-bearing fix, but they also tested seawater samples and learned about the impact of variations in salinity and pH on different forms of marine life in Bar Harbor.

With just a few minutes left in the day, we invited students to visit our onboard petting zoo (wait...what?). Down in the main salon, deckhand educators Rudy and Eli spread out a variety of bosunry supplies on one of the tables for students to touch and hold. What is a marlinspike for? How about that big block of wax, or the heavy-duty hole punch? Eli and Rudy answered everyone's questions about the ways we put tools to work when we handle rope, leather, sailcloth, and other materials on board.

After a final reflection, the students boarded our small inflatables to return to the dock. Thank you for sailing with us, Community School! Let's raise sails together again sometime soon.