07/21/09 - Out to Sea Again - Halifax to Port Hawkesbury

Out to Sea Again - Halifax to Port Hawkesbury


Halifax to Port Hawkesbury

Departure: 1500 hours, July 20, 2009

Arrival: 2000 hours, July 21, 2009

A Watch: Kai, Kelsey, Captain Dwight, Sam, Gillian, Andrew, Patricia

B Watch: Eric, Nathaniel, Captain Tom, Devo, James, Christina


We left the dock around 1100. We were participating in the Parade of Sail, where all of the tall ships sailed in and out of the Halifax harbor. Earlier that day, we also met our new passenger, Patricia. She will be with us until we get to Sydney. When we started to sail out of Halifax’s harbor, we started our watch rotations. We started on the second watch of the day. As we were sailing along, we could see ten other tall ships. There was the HMS Bounty, the Pride of Baltimore, and the huge Russian ship. The Bounty and the Pride came very close to use before they crossed our stern. The Pride was going really fast. They were half our weight, but they had double our amount of sails. We could see them for a long time before the wind died down and we turned on our engine.

We saw a leatherback turtle fortunately before we turned on our engine. It dove at the very last possible second right off the bow of the boat. It was huge! It looked like a small capsized boat. We also saw a bunch of dolphins. Captain Dwight thought that we didn’t have enough energy, so he made us do thirty I’m a Stars.

It was crazy calm on our watch. There were barely any waves and NO WIND!


During team B’s first watch we were sailing with plenty of wind, which was nice.

During our 0000-0600 shift, there were tons of shooting stars. I saw at least six, myself. The weather was drizzly and cold. Luckily, we hand an hour of rest during our watch. During the 1200-1800 shift we saw seals and dolphins jumping out of the water. There was such a lack of wind—the sea was like a mirror!