05/19/14 - Christa McAuliffe Regional Public Charter School Under Sail

Christa McAuliffe Regional Public Charter School Under Sail

This morning we woke up at 0800 after a long but fun night of anchor watch. Each of us were woken up for hour long shifts with a Roseway crew member. We did a boat check and learned and saw some new terms and parts of the boat, wrote a Roseway rap and ate a delicious cookie. We ate breakfast all together and broke into our watch groups to do chores. After chores the anchor was raised and we heaved and hoed to raise the 4 sails together. As we sailed in around the Boston Harbor islands we learned about lift, buoyancy, simple machines and got to climb the rig! Some of us were scared but we all made it up! One of the groups were a little delayed in getting to go because the wind got really fast and huge waves were crashing all around us. It was all part of the adventure. Nate made us sandwiches for lunch with warm rice and beans which was delicious for a chilly day at sea. We also learned about the history of Boston Harbor, Deer Island, and trade routes and different boats- schooner, sloop and square rigged ship. Just so you know Roseway is a schooner. We will drop the sails and dock back at Rowes Wharf soon. We wish that we could stay for longer.