12/22/17 - Ms. Peters' Class

Ms. Peters' Class

Jahdaysha, Ta'sha, K'manii, Luis, Malik, Michael, Samirah, Tyrone

Why we liked the World Ocean School- it was all surprising.  We learned that sailing could be complicated and fun at the same time. We really loved it.  The values that are important on the Roseway are trust, communication, and teamwork.  We use teamwork everyday pulling up the sails.  We also used teamwork for the activity where we had to help lift each other up off the ground.  Right now we are communicating by helping each other think of ideas.

I like the boat because you can learn everything: we learn the sheets, the fish-hold, and that every part of a ship has a name like the boom and clew. Also, the main sail weighs 2,000 pounds!  We learned when the boat was born and how old is the boat- Roseway is 92 years old, and the ship was built in 1925.

Two of our favorite things were the tour of the ship and the climbing.  I like the climbing because we get to see the ocean and the boats.  We like the tour of the ship because we got to explore the different parts of the ship.  We learned how to put up the sail with pulley.  You have to communicate with others and trust each other on the boat.

World Ocean School is the best!! Hope to see ya'll again!!