12/20/17 - Ms. Roberts' 6th Grade Class

Ms. Roberts' 6th Grade Class

Christiansted, St. Croix, USVI

Leonisha, Janelis, Akirah, Niesha, Nelisha, Jaynae, Jeniya, Khamani, Kyrah, and Alicea

One of our favorite activities this week was sailing out into the ocean because we have never seen how beautiful our island looked from far away.  We had fun pulling the halyards because when we pull those, the sails go up and then we can sail out and turn back to the island.  

We even learned all the names of the sails, and the name of the cabin area is called the fish-hold, it can fit 22 people!  What we learned about knots was how to do the bowline and the ballentine- it was really fun.  This ship is 92 years old and it was built in 1925.

We trust each other and work as a team on the Roseway. This morning we learned to trust each other when we were climbing the rig.  My partner had to pull my rope if it was slack or if you were ready to climb down they had to give you some rope or slack to climb down.  I loved the views and different houses and oceans from the tope of the ship's rig.  I loved to see the different boats in the ocean. This ship is beautiful!