12/15/17 - Oakwood 2017: Appreciating the small things around us.

Oakwood 2017: Appreciating the small things around us.

St. Croix, USVI

Skylar, Mason, Rodrigo, Finn, Koa, Natalie

December 15, 2017: After not getting enough sleep, we really enjoyed getting to snorkel
in the morning. We swam from where we were anchored to a small island
near our ship's mooring. During this journey we saw lion fish, a
school of flying fish, a flounder, and even a barracuda. In the
aftermath of the series of hurricanes, there was tons of man-made
material in the water. This included: tires, lawn chairs, bottles,
and even a car battery! It was really interesting to see how the fish
adapted to this environment and made it there own.

After that, the students of Ricardo Richards Elementary School came aboard Roseway. We raised sails with them, practiced navigation and knots, then
gave them a tour of the ship. We were surprised at how much we
learned from each other, and we all realized that the students
stimulated us and helped us truly understand what we have learned about the Roseway. We
thoroughly enjoyed watching the children's faces light up when raising
the Jumbo sail. Overall, we had a great time with the students and
hope to keep in touch.

Later, we prepared for our final epic sail into the glorious sunset.
This is also when we happened to participate in the Deckhand Olympics.
This was the perfect way to end our trip and show off our newly
learned boat skills. The sail back to the island was beautiful and
one of the best we have had.

This trip has allowed us to cleanse ourselves of any thing that was
holding us back. We learned to see beauty and appreciate the small
things around us. We want to thank all of the Roseway Crew for being
such great mentors. We would also like to thank our friends for
accepting each other throughout the entirety of this journey. This
was truly an amazing experience and the Roseway will forever have a
place in our hearts. 

(Above) Left: Paul teaches Ricardo Richards students navigation. Right: Students find their house on a navigational chart.

(Above) Left: Owen teaches a third-grader how to tie knots. Right: Mason answers a curious student's questions about our engine. 

(Above) Left: Mason answers a curious student's questions about our engine. Right: Rodrigo tends the jumbo sheet through a tack.