12/14/18 - The Oakwood School: Our Voyage Plan to St. Croix

The Oakwood School: Our Voyage Plan to St. Croix

Christiansted, St. Croix

Nomi and Allegra

Today we woke up at 6:30 am in order to follow our navigation course that we planned the night before. A few people woke up extra early to haul up anchor in order to allow us to get an early start motoring. We started hauling sails while motoring and were able to efficiently raise them all before 9 am. After finally hitting our desired angle towards Christiansted, we began our 2 hour rotations. Active watch (boat checks, steering), seamanship (NATO phonetic alphabet and buoyancy), and R & R (in which we explored water color painting and enjoying the sea). Throughout the day, we constantly battled large swells, heavy winds, and very slippery decks. Although the conditions were tricky, they allowed us to reach at times up to 8 knots, bringing us back to Christiansted at 1400 (4 hours before our wishful estimate). Once we picked up a mooring, we started our Deckhand Olympics which entailed knot tying relays, coiling races, sea shanty writing, and a pin race. After a long fight, B watch managed to claw their way to victory. We ended the night with a swim call and a watercolor painting session. Dinner was a lovely shepherd's pie eaten while playing an extensive game of "would you rather." We ended the night with evening chores. As our final night on the boat drew to an end, we all enjoyed our last star gazes and hangout time with our shipmates.