12/14/16 - Oakwood School: Teamwork

Oakwood School: Teamwork

This morning we were given the challenge to utilize teamwork to go through the morning procedures without the help of the Roseway staff. We used teamwork to go through the morning muster, eating breakfast, doing chores, and setting sail. During this period of time, we could only use each other’s knowledge and memories of daily procedures. Since knowledge is key we were able to accomplish most of the necessary tasks without the help of the crew, but occasionally we needed a hint.  Once we set sail, we set out to cross one of the deepest parts of the Caribbean though rough seas. The entire day we worked as one team tending to the sails, steering the ship, and standing on bow watch. During the rough passage some of C watch had the chance to go aloft all the way to the cross trees. As a watch, we switched off belaying and climbing. Soon after, the day ended with the entire crew visiting a tropical beach. We were able to go on a beautiful hike to an old abandoned light house, hang out on the beach, go swimming and snorkeling, and go to a lagoon. Don’t worry Zach’s mom, he is doing great. He is making a lot of friends, eating well, and putting on a lot of sunscreen. We love you Zachipoo.