12/13/18 - The Oakwood School: Island Exploration

The Oakwood School: Island Exploration

Lindberg Bay, St. Thomas

Paige, Eliza

Alrighty, so, today we woke bright and early to find that our lovely crew had motored us over to Culebrita while we slept, like babes, in our beds. Sun was out--it was a really nice day. Everyone was ready for some good ol' Nick breakfast. It was oatmeal again--and somehow even oatier than the last time. We shipped out to Culebrita, waves nice and easy, and went in search of baby goats and lighthouse ruins. It was surreal to think of the people who used to live in the lighthouse that is now just a desolate ruin. We headed back down to the beach--some went shell hunting, others snorkeled around the reef. When we got back to the Roseway, it was time to begin our voyage over to St. Thomas. The waves battered the ship around as we ran through pin races and knot-refreshers. Every watch group took some time to brainstorm ideas for navigating tomorrow's final trip back to St. Croix. It is wild to think it's already been almost a week on this ship. The experience was, at the very least, like no other. Rushing through this last bit, we had a relaxing night, wrote some sea shanties, and took charge of our chores. Now it is time to hit the darn hay.